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Sightseeing Tawang

Tawang is second biggest monastery of Asia and the largest that controls 17 Gompas in the area. The highlights of this monastery are imposing three-storied meeting hall and 28 ft high golden statue of the Lord Buddha. You will also find a large library that impressive collection of the ancient books as well as manuscripts. The popular Buddhist gold inscribed Tangyur and Kangyur scriptures are very well preserved here. Some of the most famous places to roam around in Tawang:

Sela Pass: This is situated at a height of 13,417 ft, is among the most visited places in the whole Arunachal Pradesh. It considered to be the paradise on earth, Sela mountain Pass in the winter is completely covered with the snow. Before you reach this Pass, travelers are actually welcomed by other lake, which is known as Paradise Lake.

Tawang War Memorial: Tawang War Memorial, 40 foot high mottled memorial, has a great structure constructed in the Stupa design. Dedicated to Matyrs of the Sino-India War happened in the year 1962, this memorial is located among the beautiful peaks that overlooks Tawang-Chu valley. It is famously called as Namgyal Chorten, memorial has names of around 2420 dead soldiers. The soldiers etched in the gold on almost 32 black granite plagues. The Tawang War memorial includes two memorial halls. Well one of the hall has collection of the articles of the martyrs, whereas other is used for the light and sound shows, showcasing their heroic deeds. The complete memorial was actually blessed by world famous Dalai Lama, Holy Scriptures and the idols of Buddha as well as Arya Avlokiteshwara were sent by the Dalai Lama To Tawang War Memorial. These idols are basically kept in vaults of Stupa.

Nuranang Waterfall: This water fall lies between the Bomdila road and Tawang. To be honest this waterfall is very spectacular and is nearly 100 m high. This waterfall is known as Jang waterfall because it is situated in a place which is named as Jang. You can also enjoy river rafting during the favorable seasons. If you are willing to watch this place then you need to take a private taxi.

Pangang Teng So Lake: this among the famous lakes of the state, and it is located at a distance of around 18 km from the Tawang town. The other name of this lake is P.T. Tso Lake, it is definitely an ideal picnic spots. If you will visit here during winter season then you will find the lake is frozen state.

Gorsam Chorten: this place is located 90 km away from the Tawang town and it is the biggest stupa of the complete region. It is believed to be created in the early part of the 12th century and it is founded by Monpa Monk, the Lama pradhar. On Chorten top there is a semi-circula dome which rests up to three terraced plinth. Moreover on the extreme lower terrace of the plinth, you will find four miniature Stupas standing straight on 4 different corners. Well the base of such Chortenis actually squared with every side of nearly 170 feet in length with niche running along the whole length. In addition there are 120 manis set in wooden frames. It is encircling the stupa and it's a well paved on which the pilgrims takes round for praying, it is known as Kora.

Jaswant Garh: this place is located nearly 21 km away from the Sela Pass towards the Tawang town. This Garh is basically a home of warriors, the Jaswant singh who sacrificed his life during war which was actually fought against the Chinese soldiers. Also he fought continuously for almost 72 hours, during Indo-china war which occurred in the year 1962. This place is open for the visitors so that they can pay tribute and salute such a great warrior.

Shonga-Tser Lake: It is located 42 kilometre away from the Tawang town. This lake is also known as Madhuri Lake, named after Madhuri Dixit who did her shooting for a movie song here. This lake was formed by the aftermath of earthquake, which took place in the year 1950. Before that the complete lake areas was reserved grassland. This grassland was actually used by local people of the Tawang district to gaze their cattle. The fact is also supported by the dead tress presence emerging within the middle of the lake. The land and the scenic view of the lake entice the photographer from all over the world.

This place offers all the comfort and luxuries to every visitors coming to their homeland. A wide range of hotels and guesthouses are available which provides superb facilities as well as service to this residence look as your second home combining business as well as leisure. Staying and spending some times with family and friends in these hotels which give you a great comfort, priceless inspiration, heart refreshment, soul enlighten and luxury all at once. All the hotels and other accommodation places are well maintained and have great facilities as well as services which can make your not only comfortable but remember able too. The history associated with this beautiful town can be felt at any place where you stay and the eateries offers all the lip smacking local cuisines.

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