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Tawang Permit

As Arunachal Pradesh falls under restricted area, official permission is required to enter the state. There are two kinds of official permits prescribed by Government for entering into any area within Arunachal Pradesh due to security reason.

               (i) Inner Line Permit (ILP) - India National
               (ii) Restricted Area Permit (RAP). Foreign national

Inner Line Permit - Indian National
Inner Line Permit is the most important official travel document which is issued by government of India to an Indian Citizen for the inward travel into the restricted regions of Arunachal Pradesh. ILP is compulsory for every tourist visiting Tawang all tourist spots in the state. To visit Arunachal Pradesh, Indian national requires Inner Line Permits (ILP)

Documents required for Inner Line Permits are as follows:
1. 2 nos. of Passport Size Photographs.
2. Photo identity
3. Address proof
4. Process of procuring permits will take minimum 02 – 03 working Days.

Restricted Area Permit- Foreign national

Foreign tourists can now visit in a group of two or more persons The stay permit for foreign visitors valid till 30 days.

Foreign Tourists intending to visit Arunachal Pradesh require a Restricted Area Permit  ( RAP)

Documents required for Restricted Area Permit are as follows:

  • 2 nos. of Passport Size Photographs
  • Photo Copy of Valid Indian Visa
  • Photo Copy of Passport
  • Form duly signed
Process of procuring permits will take minimum 10 -15 working Days.

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