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Bumla Pass and Madhuri Lake

bumla-passBumla Pass: Bumla pass is located 37 kms away from the Tawang region. Indo china border which lies at an altitude of around 16000 ft is definitely a right place for you to judge your fitness level if you are adventurous. As you go ahead or higher you will feel short of oxygen, according to us your vehicle would not be the best companion to go beyond a certain point. In fact you might have visited this place for trekking but not to feel scarcity of oxygen and chilliness of the melting snow because it penetrates deep inside. Because the road to Bumla is not in the best conditions all through the year, the best time to visit this place to enjoy its great beauty would start from May till October. To enter India and to escape from Tibet Bumla pass was used as a passage by Dalai Lama India.

You need a special permit to visit Brumla Pass. You can send request for the permit at Deputy Commissioner's office in the Tawang District and same should be stamped in Indian Army cantonment of the Tawang. It should also be noted that without army stamp, you won't be allowed through different checks posts which you will have to cross on the way. Brum la Pass is located 37 km away from Tawang and nearly 7 km away from Madhuri Lake.

Brum la pass is a very beautiful place. This great location is off beaten track for the people who love roaming in wilderness. Basically it's a fantastic place for picnic. This place is mostly visited by the civilian tourist of the nation is permissible with Indian army permission. the complete track is treacherous, that's why only SUV's are advisable that too on a clear weather when there is no rainfall or snowfall. This placed is covered with snow throughout the year. You can find good range of hotels here too. The hotels here are well equipped with all the amenities. The budget differs from luxury to budget ones. Hotels with in the unparalleled beauty of the town can just make your trip really awesome.

madhuri-lakeMadhuri Lake: Shonga-tser lake which is commonly known as Madhuri Lake (named after Madhuri Dixit), as she shot one her songs from Koyala Movie here has a breathtaking view. This lake is very close China Border. The formation of the Madhuri Lake is the result of an earthquake which came in the years 1971. Before that it was merely grassland that served cattle of locals here. This lake is surrounded with picturesque snow capped mountains and beautiful valleys which offers spectacular views. You can take casual stroll along pathways around the Shonga-tser Lake. There is no doubt that this lake is a great delight for photographers.

If you are driving from Tawang to the Madhuri Lake then there are buses, private taxies etc. which can help you to reach there. But if you have made up a plan to travel Madhuri Lake by your own conveyance then make sure that your vehicle tank is full with fuel as it is 42 km away from Tawang monastery. In case your mood changes and you want to go by train, then take all the details regarding train schedule to Madhuri Lake from Tawang. Once you plan to come here you would also want to know what kind of accommodations and hotels is available near Madhuri Lake. Well here you can find extensive range of hotels which will suit your budget and suitability. You can get from luxury hotels to the budget lodgings. You can also find so many local eateries near this lake. There is no entrance fee to see Madhuri Lake.

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